Good 2022 prelim to do and difficulty rating

Level 1 (Most questions are alevel standard)

  1. YIJC (Recommended)
  2. JPJC 
  3. TMJC 
  4. CJC
  5. MI

Level 2 (Harder than alevel)

  1. NYJC (Recommended)
  2. ACJC
  3. DHS
  4. TJC
  5. SAJC
  6. ASR
  7. RVHS

Level 3 (Much harder than alevel. For strong students who scored A to C in prelim)

  1. RI (Recommended)
  2. VJC (Recommended)
  3. EJC (Recommended)
  4. HCI (Recommended)
  5. NJC

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