Good 2021 prelim to do and difficulty rating

Level 1 (Most questions are alevel standard)

  1. TMJC (Recommended)
  2. YIJC (Recommended)
  3. JPJC (Recommended)
  4. CJC (Recommended to do P2 Q5)
  5. MI

Level 2 (Harder than alevel)

  1. EJC (Recommended)
  2. RVHS Stats (Recommended)
  3. ASR (Recommended)
  4. SAJC

Level 3 (Much harder than alevel. For strong students who scored A to C in prelim)

  1. NYJC (Recommended)
  2. NJC (Recommended)
  3. RI (Recommended)
  4. ACJC (Recommended)
  5. VJC (Recommended)
  6. TJC (Recommended to do P1 Q1, 10, 11 and P2 Q9)
  7. HCI (Recommended to do P1 Q7, 10 and P2 Q1, 2b, 4, 6, 7)
  8. DHS (Recommended to do P1 Q11 and P2 Q4b, 8)

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