Do you offer trial lesson?

Yes, students can pay 1 lesson fee as trial. In fact, they can trial as many lessons as they like, since they can pay per lesson.

Can me and my friend form a group tuition of 2 with you?

Both of you can join my existing group or start with a group of 2. However, I do not cap the group size at 2. My experience is that group tuition for 2 students is unstable due to the following reasons:
1. Each student’s weak topic is different.
2. Each student’s schedule is different and can be affected by CCA, remedial, sickness, family matters, dropping to H1, overseas holiday, focus on other weaker subjects, etc.

My group tuition is up to 8 students but average is 4. This group size is more stable than 2 students group.

Do you teach at student’s place?

No, I only teach Online or at my place Marine Parade.

Do you teach Further maths, IB maths, H1 maths, IP Year 4 maths ?

I teach only H2 maths. Specializing in H2 maths makes me very proficient in teaching it