About me

Full-time tutor specialising in JC H2 maths since 2014. Very familiar with h2 maths as have taught each topic around 100 times.

Masters degree (NTU Mechanical Engineering)

1st class honours (NTU Mechanical Engineering), completed in accelerated time of 3.5 years instead of usual 4 years. Only 3 out of 600 students in the cohort managed to achieve this.

Dean’s list Recipient every year 1 2 3

Perfect grades in mathematics

  • PSLE Maths: A*
  • O level Elementary Maths: A1
  • O level Additional Maths: A1
  • A level Maths C : A
  • A level Further Maths : A
  • NTU Engineering Maths I : Distinction
  • NTU Engineering Maths II : A
  • NTU Engineering Maths III : A

My Strengths

I am good at explaining complicated maths concepts clearly to students. Students who do not understand what their JC lecturers teach can often understand after attending my lessons. I am good in helping students who got U improve and pass their exams within a short amount of time.
  • VJC student got U in promo. Eventually got A in alevel 2019
  • SRJC student got 4/100 in J2 Mar common test. After tuition, she improved and got a B in her alevel. Even her school teacher is impressed.
  • RI student consistently failed her school exams. Started tuition in J2. Eventually got A in alevel.
Instructional approach

My instructional approach is to facilitate the teaching of concepts with examples, and have students demonstrate their understanding by solving questions during the tuition lessons. If students are stucked on a question, I will provide hints instead of giving them the solution directly.

Thank you for considering me as your tutor.

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