About me

Full-time tutor specialising in JC H2 maths. Very familiar with h2 maths as have taught each topic at least 30 times.

Masters degree (NTU Mechanical Engineering)

1st class honours (NTU Mechanical Engineering), completed in accelerated time of 3.5 years instead of usual 4 years. Only 3 out of 600 students in the cohort managed to achieve this.

Dean’s list Recipient every year 1 2 3

Perfect grades in mathematics

  • PSLE Maths: A*
  • O level Elementary Maths: A1
  • O level Additional Maths: A1
  • A level Maths C : A
  • A level Further Maths : A
  • NTU Engineering Maths I : Distinction
  • NTU Engineering Maths II : A
  • NTU Engineering Maths III : A

My Strengths

I am good at explaining complicated maths concepts clearly to students. Students who do not understand what their JC lecturers spend teaching in a week, can often understand what I deliver in a 2 hours session. A JC 2 student gave up the entire sequence and series module in JC 1 because he could not understand what his lecturer was teaching. After a 2 hour session with me, he understood the concepts and could begin solving higher level questions. Another student failed his common test so badly that the school called up the parent. After receiving tuition for 3 months, he scored 77 percent (A grade) in his mid year exams.

Instructional approach

My instructional approach is to facilitate the teaching of concepts with examples, and have students demonstrate their understanding by solving questions during the tuition lessons.

Thank you for considering me as your tutor.


10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Mr goh, may I enquire if university mathematics is really alot harder than jc mathematics? If I am consistently scoring 80+ for h2 math in school exams(but neighbourhood jc), is it wise to study math in uni?

    1. University maths is closer to H3 maths or further maths. It is very different from H2 maths. There are a lot of topics such as matrix algebra, group theory, linear algebra, numerical methods, etc not covered in H2 maths. Good in H2 maths is wiser to study engineering. I suggest you take a look at the university maths module and read up on it to see whether you will enjoy studying those maths modules.

  2. Hi, where should one acquire the resources to be proficient in further maths and attain distinctions? Is practicing past further mathematics a level papers from more than 10 years ago still relevant,since this subject have been abolished for quite some time?

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