H2 maths tuition

Mr Goh, a full-time graduate tutor with 1st class honors, provides small group home tuition, 1-1 tuition and online tuition for h2 maths.

Have taught or currently teaching H2 maths to students from VJC, TMJC, TJC,  DHS, NYJC, RI, HCI, EJC, JPJC, CJC, SAJC,  NJC, ACJC, ASRJC, YIJC, MI.

Testinomials from Google Reviews

Zhi An, TMJC J1 2021

Mr Goh is the best Math tuition teacher I ever come across. He has helped me to improve my H2 Math result vastly. Before taking his lessons, I have always failed math tests and got a U in MYE exam. However, with his help, I managed to score a B in EOY exam in 3 months time. He is effective and will share his materials generously for sufficient practice.

GeraniumIn Cranium, Parent of RI J1 2021

Mr Goh is a passionate tutor. He is approachable and always readily render his help and guidance on questions she needs help with. He always provide more practice questions on topics that she needs help. In just a span of 3 months with Mr Goh’s lessons online, my daughter improved tremendously from U to B.

Mandy Tan, Parent of TJC 2020 alevel

My son from TJC enrolled in Mr Goh’s H2 Math tuition class during his JC 1 (2019) and JC2 (2020). Mr Goh is able to explain complex mathematical concepts in a simplified manner, and has been very effective in helping my son enhance his JC Math problem-solving skills and understanding of mathematics concepts.
In addition, Mr Goh has a mega-database of JC past years Math Prelim and exam papers and drills my son through extensive Math practice, hence providing my son with ample practice to boost his confidence in Math.
Under Mr Goh’s guidance, my son managed to score an A for H2 Math in the recent A level exam. Look no further, I would strongly recommend Mr Goh’s Math tuition programme to fellow parents and students!

Jeanna Chay, TJC student improved from S in TJC J1 MYE to A in 2020 alevel

Mr Goh is a very dedicated and caring teacher who goes the extra mile to help his students not only academically but also emotionally. He is also very resourceful with ample of practice questions and notes to help his students. He makes sure that I fully understand mathematic concepts and know how to apply them to different types of questions. Under his guidance, my results have improved tremendously.

Tang Jun Kiat, TJC student improved from E in J1 promo to A in 2020 alevel

Mr Goh is a quality and patient tutor. First of all, he has an abundance of resources at his disposal, which are easily accessible as well since they are all online, compared to those where the resources are only kept at their tuition centres. He also has the flexibility of conducting both online and face to face lessons, while upholding the same high level of quality. He explains math concepts very well which allow me to understand them very quickly, and exposes me to many various types of questions which he has personally collated over the years, which definitely made solving math problems given in school and exams much easier.

Faith Fong, TMJC student improved from C in TMJC exams to A in 2020 alevel

Mr Goh was super helpful in teaching easy and quick ways to understand every concept and solve questions. he has a large resource of questions and notes from every school and every year which gave a lot of exposure to different types of questions 🙂

DHS student improved from U to A in 2019 alevel.
sih zau alevel
VJC student improved from U in promo to A in 2019 alevel.
RI student improved from U to A in 2018 alevel

Many students who started tuition early do well in promo or J2 tests.

VJC student scored above 90 percentile in all exams: J1 MYE to J2 prelim.
NYJC student started tuition after E grade in J1 MYE. After tuition, she got A in promo.

TMJC student started tuition since J1. She topped her class consistently and ranked 80-100 percentile.

Online tuition

Online interactive lessons will be conducted using Zoom. If there is any disruption due to the use of technology, I will extend the lesson at no extra cost.

What students need:

1. PC, laptop or tablet, preferably with stylus

2. Earpiece

Rate is the same as regular tuition

Group tuition (2 to 8 students) 

$120 per lesson per student for group of 2. 2 hours per lesson

$100-$110 per lesson per student for group of 3 or more. 2 hours per lesson.

Venue: Laguna Park or online

One-to-One tuition

$100 per hour.

1.5 or 2 hours per lesson. 2 hours are recommended.

Venue: Laguna Park or online

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