H2 maths tuition

Mr Goh, a full-time graduate tutor with 1st class honors, provides small group tuition (max 6 students)  and 1-1 tuition for h2 maths.

Have taught or currently teaching H2 maths to students from VJC, TJC, TMJC, DHS, NYJC, RI, HCI, CJC, SAJC,  NJC, ACJC, ASRJC, YIJC.



RI student improved from U to A in 2018 alevel


SRJC student improved from 4/100 in J2 Mar Common Test to B in 2018 alevel


VJC student improved from U to B in promo reassessment in 2018

sih zau review


J1 group tuition (2 to 6 students) 

For VJC, TJC, TMJC: $50/hr. 2 hours per session

For other JC: $55/hr for class size of 2. $50/hr if students can form their own group of 3 or more students from the same JC. 2 hours per session

Venue: Laguna Park (Marine Parade)

J2 group tuition (2 to 6 students) 

$50/hr for students who joined in J1.

$55/hr for students who joined in J2.

2 hours per session

One-to-One tuition


$90/hr for J1 students who joined by end Feb.

2 hours per session

Location: Marine Parade, Laguna Park.

For other locations or budget, you can whatapps me at 97115909 for tutor recommendations.

What students will get

  • Understanding of key concepts
  • Learn how to apply them to solve basic to challenging problems
  • Learn graphing calculator techniques and tricks to quickly solve problems
  • Questions and worked solutions from all schools
  • Review of their strengths and weaknesses and on ways to improve
  • Study tips

7 thoughts on “H2 maths tuition

  1. Hi my Son is in RI JC 2 . He likes to have some help in H2 Math lesson .prefer one to one . We are staying in the west but can arrange to travel to the east to take lesson .

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