H2 maths tuition

Mr Goh, a full-time graduate tutor with 1st class honors, provides small group tuition (max 4 students)  and 1-1 tuition for h2 maths.

Have taught or currently teaching H2 maths to students from RI, HCI, VJC, DHS, CJC, NYJC, TJC, ACJC, SRJC, SAJC, IJC, YJC, JJC, AJC, MJC, TPJC.


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  • “Mr Goh is an encouraging and excellent tutor; his knowledge of the syllabus and the common misconceptions students make allow him to tackle a student’s weakness head on. He will not hesitate to go over concepts repeatedly if you do not comprehend them and his teaching is straightforward without any fluff in it. The techniques I learned from him in PNC and intergration helped me solve questions I used to struggle with.With his help, my understanding of math improved and I was able to ace my exams.”- Benjamin, VJC
  • “After scoring a U grade for H2 Math in my J1 MYE, I engaged Mr Goh for tuition and improved by 5 grades to a B in my year end promos in a short span of 3 months. Thanks to Mr Goh, I was able to understand the concepts better as I was given more questions to practice on” – Claresse, TPJC
  • “As I constantly failed my class tests, my school teacher told me I would fail my promo. Then, I decided to engage Mr Goh for tuition. He constantly guided me in my tutorials as I did not know how to do them and always encouraged a positive attitude towards learning. He has a systematic way of teaching, for example, if you don’t know how to do a question, he will guide you how to do it and then give you two more similar questions as homework, which really helped. After just 9 lessons, I improved from 45% (mid year) to 64% (promo)” – Yu Le, NYJC
  • “After achieving a disheartening 31% in JC1 promotional exam, I engaged Mr Goh to help me prepare for my supplementary exam. In just 6 weeks, I improved tremendously and scored 66% in my supplementary exam!”-Wei Xiang, TJC
  • “Before I had tuition, I was confused about vectors and finding volume using integration. Then Mr Goh gave me useful tips and various methods in solving these difficult topics of J1 math. It was very useful as I would not be able to learn such tips and tricks in school! These helped me a lot and I was able to solve my promo questions using his methods” – Wei Jing, HCI. Got A in promo and alevel
  • “I would like to recommend Mr Goh as an H2 Maths tutor for those students who require expert guidance in this subject.This subject is often underestimated by both prospective students and their parents or guardians – because it combines topics in Further Mathematics and Mathematics from the older A-level syllabus. Expert guidance in such a subject is not easy to come by in Singapore; and Mr Goh is one of the few true experts on this subject in Singapore.Mr Goh’s expertise is sensitively adapted to the learning needs of his students. He has kept himself up-to-date with all of the latest changes to the syllabus and is an expert as well in the use of the Graphing Calculator. For the purposes of scoring well in H2 Maths, students need a teacher who is an expert in the use of the Graphing Calculator – as Mr Goh is. Under his tutelage, my proficiency in H2 Mathematics has improved tremendously.”- Ben, a Private Candidate
  • “Mr Goh helped me understand integration techniques in 1 hour, what 5 school lectures could not” – Damien, JJC

Small group tuition (2 to 4 students) 

$50/hr. 2 hours per session

Venue: Laguna Park (Marine Parade)

One-to-One tuition

At my house Laguna Park (Marine Parade): $80/hr. 1.5 or 2 hours per lesson.

At student’s house (eastern location): $85 to $90/hr. 2 hours per lesson.

For other locations, you can contact me at 97115909 for tutor recommendations.


  • Pay per lesson. No material fees. No lock-in period.
  • As different schools teach the topics in different order in JC1, students often have to struggle to learn one topic in school and another topic at tuition simultaneously. In my tuition class, students from the same school are grouped together, so they don’t have this problem.
  • Student can expect to improve by 2 grades or more within 12 lessons, if they do the assigned homework.
  • Small group size of up to 4 students to ensure that every student understands the concept taught.

What students will get

  • Understanding of key concepts
  • Learn how to apply them to solve basic to challenging problems
  • Learn graphing calculator techniques and tricks to quickly solve problems
  • Questions and worked solutions from all schools
  • Review of their strengths and weaknesses and on ways to improve
  • Study tips

gratitude stone

Thank you for considering me as your tutor

10 thoughts on “H2 maths tuition

  1. Hi my Son is in RI JC 2 . He likes to have some help in H2 Math lesson .prefer one to one . We are staying in the west but can arrange to travel to the east to take lesson .

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