GC setting for faster graph plot


Method 1: Change Xres to 3

The Xres button refers to pixel resolution (1 through 8). At Xres = 1, functions are evaluated and graphed at each pixel on the x-axis. At Xres = 8, functions are evaluated and graphed at every eighth pixel along the x-axis. Small Xres values improve graph resolution but may cause the calculator to draw graphs more slowly. Setting Xres to 3 provides good balance between speed and resolution.




Xres= 1


Time taken to plot= 23.4 s

Xres= 3


Time taken to plot= 3.6 s

Savings of almost 20 seconds! Which is crucial in exams

Method 2: Turn off “Detect Asymptotes”

detect asymptotoes 1.jpg

detect asymptotoes 2

detect asymptotoes

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