Preparing for exams

1. For students who have enough time, start by revising and practising questions by topic. Do basic level questions for all topics. Then do intermediate questions (slightly harder than alevel standard). If you are running out of time, go straight to doing yearly paper. Doing yearly paper and revise weak topics is the fastest way to improve.

2. For students preparing for their school internal exams, practise past year exam paper from their school, starting from the most recent. It is important to practice past year paper from your school as each school has its style of questions. For the first paper, you can refer to your notes and formulas. For any question you get incorrect, practise at least 2 more similar questions in that topic.

For subsequent paper, attempt only with the formula list MF 26 under timing. Keep practising until you can score 10% above your desired grade.

3. For students taking A level , do past 5 years alevel paper and prelim papers from YIJC, JPJC, TMJC, VJC, EJC.

Do paper 1 and paper 2 in 3 hours each, with only MF 26. Then revise weak topics (questions that you got wrong in the paper). Repeat the cycle


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