Taking H2 math (9758) without Amath?

One question often pondered is whether students can take H2 math (9758) without taking Amath in O level.

Not all junior colleges have the same prerequisite for H2 math. Some JCs require a minimum grade in O level Amath, some require a pass and some don’t even require Amath.

Some JCs  allow students without amaths background to take h2 maths but they must do a bridging course.

H2 math is much more challenging than Amath, and there are a lot of assumed knowledge in Amath, especially on Calculus, trigo, surds, indices and logarithm.

If students don’t have Amath background, it will be very challenging to understand and do well in H2 math. Students without Amath will find Calculus challenging, which makes up around 30% of H2 math.

My recommendation is for students without Amath to take H1 math. However students posted to the Science Stream usually have to take h2 maths even without amaths background. Schools will usually provide amaths bridging for them. Learn the important amaths topics such as calculus and trigo and engage a competent tutor to coach them in h2 maths.

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3 thoughts on “Taking H2 math (9758) without Amath?”

  1. i have just finished my olevels. i am sure of getting a distinction for my Emaths but did not take Amaths. i am keen in taking up H2 Maths very much, any tips? should i start studying now itself?
    thanks& greatly appreciated

    1. Hi, you can self study or get a tutor to teach you the imporant amaths topics such as trigo, calculus, surds, indices, logarithm, partial fractions, remainder theorem, factor theorem, quadratic functions and equations. And make sure you apply to a JC which allows students to take h2 maths without amaths and be prepared to work very hard. I have a student from MJC. He don’t have amaths background. With tuition, he manage to pass his JC1 midyear and promo and got promoted to JC2

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