Why students should Meditate?

Meditation can benefit the students in the following ways:

  1. Better focus and concentration. Mediation can lead to better concentration. Students can absorb what the teacher is teaching in class, without being distracted. And when doing their own study or assignment, they can reach the ” flow state”, where they can accomplish much more. 3 hours of doing Math just pass by quickly. They can study everywhere, in the MRT or even noisy places, without being distracted.
  2. Less Anxiety. Meditation can help to reduce anxiety. Students can perform better in tests and exams when they have less anxiety.
  3. More creativity. Meditation has been found to improve creativity. Challenging questions in exam require creativity to solve. Students aiming for distinctions need to be prepared to meet questions containing new ideas. They need to be creative in coming up with their own solution to solve the problem.
  4. More patience: Students sometimes get frustrated when they cannot solve a Math problem. Meditation helps in cultivating patience. Challenging math problem require patience and persistence to solve.

Where to learn meditation?

If students don’t mind attending meditation in a Buddhism enviroment, they can attend this good course near Aljunied MRT.


The course is free

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