• “Before I had tuition, I was confused about vectors and finding volume using integration. Then Mr Goh gave me useful tips and various methods in solving these difficult topics of J1 math. It was very useful as I would not be able to learn such tips and tricks in school! These helped me a lot and I was able to solve my promo questions using his methods” – Wei Jing, H2 math student from HCI. Got A in 2015 JC1 promo.
  • “The lesson on Sequences & Series is very beneficial. You are a very patient tutor. Within a short span of time, I was able to grasp the topic which I didn’t understand in school lectures and can also start working on higher level questions on sequences and series” – Glenn, H2 math student from CJC, who took 1X2 hour tuition on sequences and series
  • “Mr Goh helped me understand integration techniques in 1 hour, what 5 school lectures could not” – Damien, H2 math student
  • “After achieving a disheartening 31% in JC1 promotional exam, I engaged Mr Goh to help me prepare for my supplementary exam. In just 6 weeks, I improved tremendously and scored 66% in my supplementary exam!”-Wei Xiang, TJC