Recommended Sec/IP/JC maths Tutor

If I am not available for tuition, you may want to engage Raymond. He is able to teach Sec/IP/JC/IB/IGCSE/EDEXCEL/SAT.

He was a 1st class hons DSTA scholar and has been coaching Math for 2 decades. Due to his passion in Math, he chose to leave DSTA. Over the years, his students range from neighbourhood school kids, to those from top IP & IB schools (NUSH/RI/HCI/RGS/NYGH/DHS/ACSI). Some of his ex-students are now school teachers & a few are even HODs. Though he has kept proofs of students’ result slips (including a handful who went from Fail to Distinctions) he has no need to flaunt them as proof of his ability as majority of his students are by word-of-mouth referrals. Parents who approach him usually are already informed of his unique teaching style and an impressive track record.

This is what he can offer to his students:

• IP. Individual school materials

• Express / NA / NT. Over 1000 papers from 100++ schools (with solutions from individual schools)

• JC. Yearly Promo & Prelim Papers from the 19 JCs plus Millennia Institute (with individual school solutions)

• Cambridge Examiners’ reports. Yearly reports for N, O & A level examinations (which he will not circulate)”

He might just be the person you’re looking for if your child ever needs help with Math.


One-to-One: $100/hr. 1.5 hr or 2 h per session

Location: Anywhere in Singapore!

Please contact me at 97115909 if you need his service.

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