One-to-One or group tuition?

One-to-One tuition is suitable if student

  • scores below 35% or
  • is unable to follow the pace in group tuition
  • is too shy to ask questions in a class

Group tuition is preferred if

  • Student scores above 35%
  • Student is not shy to ask questions in a group
  • Student is able to follow the pace in group tuition
  • The topics conducted in tuition class is in same order as their school or students are able to learn two different topics at the same time (one at school and another at tuition)

Different JCs teach the topics in different order. So students need to choose a tuition class wisely. Else, students might have to learn one topic during tuition and a different topic in school simultaneously. If students are interested in group tuition, join a tuition class that teaches the topics in the same order as their school. Or form a group with classmates from the same school and then find a good tutor.  Attend tuition classes conducted by full-time graduate tutors or ex-teachers.

Students who score B and above, who need to clarify doubts only for certain topics or challenging questions, can go for ad-hoc tuition.

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