How to choose a good H2 maths group tuition

Different JCs teach the h2 maths topics in different order. So in many tuition centers, students have to struggle to learn one topic in school and another different topic in tuition center simultaneously. Some JC1 students learn topics in tuition center which are not even tested in their school promo. They cannot ask the questions taught in their school  as the tuition center is not teaching the topic in the group tuition.

For instance, a JC1 student from TMJC forms a group tuition with another JC1 student from VJC. The VJC student needs the tutor to teach him on the topic APGP but is not covered in JC1 promo in TMJC. On the other hand, the TMJC student needs the tutor to teach him Vectors but is not covered in JC1 in VJC.  In many such instances, the tuition become consultation style. Students take turns to ask questions on their school topic, effectively getting only minutes of tutor’s teaching for the 2 hours fees they paid. Or the JC1 students have to learn the topics meant for JC2 while still struggling with their JC1 topic!

So a JC1 tuition group with students from different schools will not create effective learning for the students.

My suggestion for choosing effective h2 maths group tuition:

For JC1 students, choose a tuition group with all students from the same school or teaching same topics in JC1 as their own school. Or go for 1-1 tuition until a suitable group can be formed.

For JC2 students, most schools would have finished all the pure maths topics around mid Feb and start on statistics. The teaching order in statistics are pretty much the same. So it is ok to join tuition group with students from other schools from mid Feb onwards.