How to choose a good h2 math tutor?

Many parents want trained MOE trained teachers to tutor their children. No doubt there are some good ones. Yet, we have heard of the following remarks about many MOE trained teachers:

  1. JC students complaining that their JC school teachers cannot teach. Do you think such teachers can be good tutors and deserve to charge $120/hr for home tuition, just because they are MOE trained? I often have to start teaching students from scratch, covering the 1 week lesson taught in school in 2 hours.
  2. Their school teacher has a condescending attitude that makes learning of maths painful.
  3. Their school teacher cannot solve a question or take ultra long to do so. If they become private tutors outside, they wouldn’t last.
  4. School teacher as tutor arrived with no preparation and yet they charge $120 per hour or more.
  5. School teacher as tutor have no time to answer student’s queries after tuition. They often have to cancel lessons because of their own work commitment. They are unable to cater extra lessons during exam period.

Since MOE teachers do not necessarily make good tutors, how should parents or students choose a good tutor?

A good h2 math tutor needs to have these characteristics

  1. Excellent subject knowledge. The tutor must have achieved distinction for alevel h2 math and excel at higher level maths such as Further Maths,  or possess Engineering or Mathematics degree. 90% of the time, when the student asks the tutor a h2 maths question, the tutor must be able to start explaining within 1 minute.
  2. Full-time tutors teaching h2 maths for at least 3 years or each topic at least 10 times. They are very familiar with the syllabus as they teach the same subject and topic multiple times to different students.
  3. Humble. They don’t display a feeling of superiority when teaching their students
  4. Patient and Persistence. Sometimes, the tutor has to teach the student several times and try different ways before the student understands the concept.
  5. Effective teaching. A good tutor must be able to explain concepts and convey ideas simply and clearly.
  6. Have track record of helping students improve. A good tutor should be able to provide testimonial of helping their students improve.

These qualities coincide with what a parent is looking for in a tutor. I got this message from a parent:

what parents looking for

If you need a good tutor for H2 maths, feel free to whatsapp me (Mr Goh) at 97115909 for recommendation.

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