For the 2019 alevel, 3 of my VJC students got A. 1 got B.

1 student improved from U in promo to A in alevel.

Another student improved from S in promo to A in alevel.


DHS student improved from U to A for 2019 alevel.

This student only started tuition after getting 4/100 in J2 Mar common test. She eventually got a B in 2018 alevel.

Zylia 4 to B

This student improved from E in prelims to A in 2018 alevel.

Nikhita RI

Student’s dad sent me a thank you message after his son got A in 2018 alevel


Shao KayeDamien 2017 alevelA Justin 2017 alevelA Benjamin 2017 alevel

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