Recommended Further Maths materials

These are the materials I recommend for students taking Further Maths (9649).

Recommended textbooks

further math

Students can get this book written by L.Bostock and S.Chandler. This is a classic good book for A level Further Mathematics. It provides crisp derivations of various formulas, explains concepts very cogently and would certainly go some way in improving the student’s proficiency in handling the subject.


A concise course in A level Statistics” written by J.Crawshaw and J.Chambers is a book one should pick up when reviewing ‘A’ Level Statistics. Students studying this text will stand to benefit from the thorough knowledge and depth of explanations provided.

linear algebra

Linear Algebra I” makes the abstract topic easy to understand.

thomas calculus or steward

Thomas’ Calculus” or “Stewart Calculus ” are textbooks commonly used by university year 1 engineering students. It covers all the calculus topics included in Further Maths.

For exam preparation, students can do past JC papers, as well as specimen paper and alevel paper.


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