Analysis of 2015 Alevel paper

This is the breakdown of H2 math 2015 Alevel paper 1 and 2:

2015 analysis.PNG

Many students feel that paper 1 is tough and paper 2 is easy.

2015 H2 math paper 1 question 10i and 10ii are exactly the same as the N2003 question.

Many students viewed Paper 1, question 3 as the top killer question.

Based on 2015 alevel examiner’s report, these are the questions that were poorly done:

2015 P1: 3, 5 iii, 7iii, 9b ii, 11 ii explain why is maximum, 11 iii

2015 P2: 1 ii, 2ii, 3b, 4b iii (some students interpret wrongly), 7i, 7iii, 9 ii, 9 iii, 10 iv, 11 iv


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